Wadsworth Schools

Sacred Heart School

Sacred Heart is a private school in Wadsworth with about 350 students.   SEE has been working with Sacred Heart for a few years now and has completed waste audits, zero waste lunches and recently built an outdoor composting unit.  This unit will allow Sacred Heart to begin food scrap diversion right on school grounds. 

SEE also runs the Worm Wranglers Club for the 5th and 6th graders at Sacred Heart.  These students volunteer a lunch and recess once a week to push the zero waste initiative in their school.  This year, students will care for the composting unit, create a “how to” video on composting to be played school wide, and research more ways to reduce waste in their school and ultimately their community.

Central Intermediate School

Central Intermediate School is a large school in Wadsworth that houses only 5th and 6th grades with a whopping 720 students.  Although SEE acknowledges that with this amount of students waste can really start to pile up, we are determined to waste less.  The Worm Wranglers Club is a prominent group of kids in the school who meet once a week to plan school wide recycling events, have zero waste lunch contests and create new ideas to help their environment.  CIS and SEE have a collective goal of outdoor composting this year and food scrap diversion.  Also to continue the zero waste initiative from past years and committing to TALK LESS, DO MORE!