St. Joan of Arc School 

St. John of Arc School, a parish school in Chagrin Falls, has adopted school wide composting efforts to reduce waste streams. SEE donated money for the construction of a large composting bin which will hold the volume of uneaten food scraps from student lunches, which currently accounts for half the weight total waste at the school. The bin was assembled on site 4/25/10.

 S.E.E. and St. Joan have also worked together to utilize local grant opportunities and were granted one recently to assist with purchasing materials for environmental education and school wide recycling. The Cuyahoga Count waste district may install a digester on the schools property as well.  The digester, a self-turning compostor with little to no end product can be critically compared to the process of the compost pile. The observations and concepts of these environmentally friendly ways of disposing of “garbage” can be used for St. Joan’s classrooms. 

St. Joan’s students will be involved in the school wide efforts to reduce waste. The upcoming 2010-2011 school year will mark the beginning of St. Joan’s school-wide composting program. Their compost has developed into usable material and the class will be planting flowers with the dirt which was once apple cores and uneaten vegetables from their lunches.


St. Joan of Arc School St. Joan of Arc School