Show and Tell With Zero Waste and Zero Smell

Maybe your school already has an active environmental or garden club, but you would like to add the magic of vermiculture (worm composting) to your existing program. Setting up one or two classrooms in your school allows your students to witness their cafeteria food scraps being transformed into black gold – worm compost – that they can use to nourish potted plants or school gardens. This hands-on approach allows students of all ages to work with and understand the principals and benefits of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

The SEE Classroom Vermicomposting program is designed to:

  • Reinforce current testing requirements by meeting academic content standards.
  • Require no more than 30 minutes of club time each week.
  • Adapt to suit your school’s standards and participation level.
  • Apply to multiple subjects, including: earth and space, life and physical sciences and technology.
  • Offer value-added benefits to your school such as cost savings.
  • Engage students in hands-on waste management.

What Your Classroom Gets 

Classroom Compost Bin: A plastic tote containing worms (red wrigglers) that do the composting work. NOTE: This is a non-toxic process that does not produce bad odors.

On-Site Implementation Day: A kick-off event that integrates fun and interactive recycling activities for your club or school, led by an SEE environmental educator.

Maintenance Guide: Detailed information for how to maintain and troubleshoot your worm bin, as well as how to harvest your compost.

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